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BP05dwWire erosion machine BP05dw (4 axes) is used to cut out details of programmable shapes by an erosion method in any type of material (copper, aluminium, steel, sinters), electric conduction materials by using thin wire moved in the guide tracks €“ under the angle to the table of (max +/- 30 degrees). This machine is available mainly to perform blanking dies, moulds details and tools. This machine is adjusted to cooperate with computer and drawing program MegaCAD. Cutting follows programmed crowd distance in the environment of deionizated water delivered by shower method. Independent local keyboard allows to introduce input data prepared by operator according to the internal system of shapes programming. Problem how to correct the wire thickness (working clearance) is solved by the created shape’s decrease/increase function, which is available in MegaCAD.

Additional instrumentation:

Machine (without dielectric) Dimensions 800x1000x1800 mm
Total mass 500 kg
Standard tank 700x390 mm
Work table 400x290 mm
XYZ axes feed 300x180x0 mm
Workpiece height (max) 180 mm
Workpiece weight (max) 100 kg
Positioning accuracy 0.02 mm
Electric drive in axis X, Y, U, V
Electrode material brass wire
Tank Capacity 160 l
Dielectric deionizated water
Filtration agent paper
Generator Hollowing current 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,100A
Working voltage of electrode 80/300 V
Input power 1.5 kW
Price (net pay) Machine (without dielectric) ≈ 78 300.00 PLN
MegaCAD OEM + BPCAM 2015 1 200.00 EURO
MegaCAD OEM + BPCAM 2019 1 500.00 EURO
  • * Some of the provided machine's dimensions can be change under the client’s special request.